Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Did someone say Frito Lays??

So me and my boyfriend have been detecting this weird "stench" in the air for quite some time now. And every time this odor passes our noses the little ones are somewhere around snuggling up to us...So we thought it was each other, consistently passing each other looks and the consent question of "did you eat Frito lays today"? Little did we know the evil odor was coming the little ones feet. How is it possible that our four legged angels smell like Frito Lays?? Now this smell has become almost home to us. Whenever we smell Frito Lays we instantly think of our sweet little ones @ home. It wierd that this nasty smell has actually become pleasant to both me and my boyfriend! We now EMBRACE the smell...Why must the little ones smell like Frito Lays?? Even after baths? HaHa they are so mysterious! The life of dachshund....


  1. We call those Frito Feeties here. I have had doxies all my life and love the smell of their feet. I don't think you are weird at all!

  2. Oh yeah - Mom says there's nothing like Frito Toes!